The irreverent oxymoron ‘guru mafia’

For several years, the devotees of ISKCON-Bangalore had also been misled to follow the self-proclaimed guru system. Being used to the wrong culture, the first time they heard the expression ‘guru mafia’, they were alarmed. It sounded very irreverent and overstated. But as soon as they made an attempt to clarify their concerns about the guru system, and plead that the system set by Srila Prabhupada be followed, they had to face the wrath of the self-proclaimed ‘gurus’. The Governing Body Commission (GBC, now consisting mostly of self-proclaimed ‘gurus’) resolved to expel the devotees of ISKCON-Bangalore and take over the Bangalore temple. There was no place in their system for doubts or inquiry. Anyone who ‘dared’ to raise a genuine question with concern for the Movement at large had to suffer such dire consequences.

Subsequently after seeing the various vicious devices that these self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ have planned and executed to attack Madhu Pandit Dasa, Chancalapati Dasa and all the other devotees of ISKCON-Bangalore, they now realize the expression ‘guru mafia’ is not overstated.


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